Planning your visit

It is a good idea to check your ceiling height.  You may also wish to bring some gardening gloves to carry the tree.  If placing the tree inside the car, you may wish to bring an old sheet or a tarp.  Remember a sun hat and shoes suitable for walking around a farm.


We sell five different sizes of stands, ranging from $38 to $70.  


We accept cash.  

How to keep my tree looking great

Get your tree in water as soon as you can.  Make sure your tree always has water.  Avoid direct hot sun if possible.


Best not to bring your pet.  We have free ranging chickens, other brids and goats and we can't risk your pets inner hunter coming out.  Also our pets need to be scared of four legged creatures, to help them not be a meal for foxes.

How old is my tree

Our trees usually take about five years to be ready.  It is not unusual for trees to be over seven years old.